Sam Neill seeing ‘better than ever’ after eye operation

44th Toronto International Film Festival - Blackbird - Premiere Featuring: Sam Neill Where: Toronto, Canada When: 07 Sep 2019 Credit: Jaime Espinoza/

Sam Neill’s eyesight is now “better than ever” after he underwent a cataract operation earlier this week.

The Jurassic Park star, who has delighted fans with his eccentric social media posts from his home in New Zealand during the Covid-19 pandemic, revealed he was taking time to recuperate from a “cataract thing” on Twitter on Monday.

On Wednesday, Sam returned to the site to reassure fans the surgery on his left eye had been successful – and his eyesight is now better than it’s ever been thanks to the skills of his doctor.


“I want to shout out to Doctor Sharma, because this eye is working like you’d never believe,” the 72-year-old wrote. “I am seeing blues like I’ve never seen blues before – and I want to say some people need to just tone down the paint schemes in their houses.”

Sam went on to praise “the joys of modern medicine” before revealing he will be undergoing a similar operation on his other eye “in a couple of weeks”.

Although in many countries, elective operations have been delayed or cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand has had a relatively minor outbreak, experiencing around 1,500 cases and 21 deaths to date.