Salma Hayek thanks Cole Sprouse for sending daughter sweet video

Salma Hayek has heaped praise on Cole Sprouse for sending her daughter a video message.

Valentina, 11, is a big fan of the Riverdale star and her mum used her celebrity to get a special message to him, but it seems she’s not clear what show he’s on.

In her Instagram message on Thursday, Salma wrote: “Cole, you’re the best. Muchas gracias. @colesprouse #strangerthings.”


The Mexican star’s fans were quick to point out her mistake and she later fixed the hashtag to the appropriate “#riverdale”.

In his video message to Valentina, Cole said, “Valentina, where are you Valentina? I’m in this grand empty room at Comic-Con and I was told you were going to be here but you’re not so I had to send a video to you instead. If you ever see me, come say hi!”

Cole was at Comic-Con last month promoting Riverdale, while Salma appeared as part of the Marvel Studios panel for the upcoming Eternals film.