Ryan Gosling ‘in awe’ of partner Eva Mendes’s clothing collection

Ryan Gosling is “always in awe” of the amount of work his partner Eva Mendes puts into her clothing collection.

The Hitch star has been designing with American label New York & Company for six years, and she has now sweetly revealed that her beau is her biggest fan.

“Ryan is incredibly supportive and he’s always in awe,” Mendes told People, before adding that the Oscar-nominated actor has already picked out his favourite pieces from her recent collection.


“He’s been loving the pants I’ve been doing,” she shared. “I’ve been getting into pants more, especially soft pants like joggers.”

Gosling also has to remind Mendes of all the hard work she puts into designing each of the pieces in the Eva Mendes Collection.

“He makes me realise that (making the collection) is actually a lot of work,” the 45-year-old said. “I have so much fun doing it, that I don’t really realise.”

Mendes is constantly inspired by the women in her family and confessed that an old photograph of her mother in the 1980s directly influenced the creation of a silk blouse and matching trousers for her latest line.

“Ryan’s mom, Ryan’s sister, my mom, my sisters, my grandma are all my fashion guinea pigs,” the mother-of-two continued. “Nobody is going to be more honest than family, and our family is very honest. It’s something I really appreciate because when designing something, you need real feedback.

“And then of course when you see your family in one of your dresses, your creations, it’s beautiful, because you know they’re not doing you any favours.”