Ruth Wilson blasts stars who flaunt wealth on social media

Ruth Wilson is disgusted with reality stars who show off their lavish lifestyle on social media.

The British actress has found fame thanks to TV shows Luther and The Affair and has also landed prominent roles in films like The Lone Ranger and Locke. But while her profile soars Ruth has no desire to flaunt the perks of stardom online like other celebrities do.

Ruth’s criticism comes after celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been criticised for flaunting their lifestyles on social media. The reality star was robbed in October (16) millions of dollars of jewellery which she had shared via posts on her Instagram account.


“I don’t understand this need to have so much money. You’re not doing anything with it,” she pondered to Deadline. “You look at these reality TV stars who use Instagram to show off their wealth, and it’s just disgusting. What, so you can get a pair of fake t*ts? Who cares? It all looks pornographic. You spend four hours doing your make-up, for what? Taking 45 minutes to take a selfie. Why would you waste your time? Go and read something. Go to a gallery. It’s so bizarre, and it becomes so narcissistic.”

Ruth, 35, only uses Facebook to private message close friends and her team have advised her against getting a Twitter account.

And she’s sceptical of the alleged theory that tweeting will help boost the careers of up-and-coming stars, instead she believes opposite, that giving too much away can affect how audiences see her in a role.

“In a funny way, it actually makes it much harder to sustain a career. You’re totally replaceable by the next movie,” she said of an actor’s relevance. “Occasionally a Jennifer Lawrence will come through, who’s reminiscent of the film stars that have come before, and you hope they’ll have a longevity and will stick around, but there are fewer guarantees. That’s why you’ve got to keep doing good work, and keep finding avenues for good art,” she insisted.

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