Ruby Rose: ‘I’m lucky I haven’t experienced sexual misconduct’


Ruby Rose feels lucky that she’s never experienced sexual misconduct in the workplace, unlike so many other women in Hollywood.

Since allegations of sexual harassment, assault or rape came out against producer Harvey Weinstein in October (17), multiple actresses and actors have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct by powerful figures such as Kevin Spacey, James Toback, and Brett Ratner.

The Orange is the New Black actress has never experienced any inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace, but admits she shouldn’t feel lucky she escaped it because it shouldn’t be so prevalent.

“It feels ridiculous to say ‘I’m so blessed’ because that (harassment) should not be the normal,” she explained to Australia’s Daily Telegraph. “I’ve been lucky not just working with a lot of females, which I didn’t realise is as rare as it is, but that everyone I’ve worked with has been so boundaried and professional (sic).”

The 31-year-old hopes that the scandal will positively affect the way women are treated in all work environments.

“The only good thing about these horrible stories is it should now break open the conversation in every workplace,” she added.

Since achieving international fame with Orange, Ruby has gone on to star in action-packed movies such as Resident Evil: The Final Chapter and xXx: Return of Xander Cage, but she recently showed off a new side to her in musical Pitch Perfect 3, where she performed songs such as Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away and The Cranberries’ Zombie with her character Calamity’s band Evermoist, the rivals of the Bellas.

Ruby expressed her interest in teaming up with her co-star Rebel Wilson for an action movie after a fan suggested it on Twitter.

“I just need @RubyRose to sing all the songs I like,” the fan wrote. “Also @RebelWilson needs to be the next big action star. Make it happen Hollywood,” and Ruby replied, “I sooooo want to do an action film with @RebelWilson she’s so bada*s!!!”

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