Ruby Rose got sick of ‘curating a fake world’ through social media

Ruby Rose changed the way she uses social media after realising she was “curating a fake world” based on comments from her followers.

The 33-year-old model-turned-actress no longer has a Twitter account and has blocked the majority of her followers from commenting on her Instagram posts. And explaining her decision in a new interview with Access Hollywood, Ruby admitted she altered her approach to the sites as negative remarks from Internet trolls began affecting her daily life.

“I got sick of posting things and then being like, ‘Oh someone doesn’t like my shoes. Should I change my shoes? I did think the red ones were better.’ And you start second guessing what you’re putting out there,” she mused.


“Even if it’s all good comments, I don’t need that either. Like I just need to be happy within myself. And if it’s one negative comment that throws you for a day … what was that for?

“I was like, ‘Why am I curating like a fake world? When I have my real life and I am spending more time thinking if they are going to like the yellow or red hat.'”

Once Ruby had adjusted her perspective on social media, she made it her mission to educate her peers – with Pink among those she spoke to.

“I told Pink to turn her comments off and she did,” Ruby smiled. “She was like ‘good idea’ … It’s unnecessary.”

Pink admitted last month that she’d decided to turn the comments off on her Instagram posts after growing tired of the endless criticism from the “parenting police”.

Ruby was speaking to promote her new TV series Batwoman, in which she plays the titular superhero. In a panel at the 2019 Summer TCA Press Tour on Sunday, ahead of the programme’s premiere, executive producer Caroline Dries revealed more details about the protagonist, who was previously revealed to be a lesbian.