Rose McGowan: ‘Alyssa Milano is a lie’

Rose McGowan has implied her Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano’s involvement in the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements isn’t genuine.

The actress appeared on U.S. show Nightline to discuss her new book Brave, and she was asked if she was proud of her former co-star, who is credited with kickstarting the #MeToo campaign, which enables victims of sexual abuse to come forward, on social media when the scandal swept Hollywood in October (17).

Rose responded, “I don’t like her” before explaining, “‘Cause I think she’s a lie.”


When asked why she thought that, the 44-year-old suggested that Alyssa may have ulterior motives for getting involved in the #MeToo campaign and the subsequent Time’s Up movement, which Rose says was created by officials at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), where Alyssa’s husband Dave Bugliari works.

“Do you think I don’t know these people? I’m not looking at this from the outside,” she said. “I have a lot of experience. I know she’s married to a CAA agent. Do the math. Who’s behind Time’s Up? CAA. Where do they meet? CAA. Who needs good PR? CAA. Who are part of the pimp problem? CAA.”

The Nightline reporter said Rose was making statements about very powerful people, and she replied, “They are. So am I.”

Alyssa provided a statement to the show in response to Rose’s comments saying she supports Rose and admires her bravery in coming forward with her rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perspectives, and I cannot speak to anyone else’s motivations,” she continued. “My goal throughout the past few months with both #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement has been to use my platform to give others a voice so we can all work together to stamp out sexual harassment and sexual assault.”

Rose later clarified that she hadn’t just been talking about Alyssa, tweeting, “The lie is a system, not an individual.”