Rosario Dawson’s politician boyfriend insists romance is not for votes

U.S. presidential hopeful Cory Booker has insisted his romance with actress Rosario Dawson is not a ploy to win over voters.

The Senator announced he would be running for America’s top office in February (19), weeks before he and the Sin City star went public with their fling, leading to a little suspicion, but Booker insists he’s smitten with the actress.

In a new Good Day New York interview, the politician said, “She and I are not trying to put this through a political lens. We’re just two people in love trying to build a great relationship every single day.


“In my best case scenario, I get elected to president, I serve two terms. That’s just 10 years… nine years of my life. What I’m trying to create with Rosario is something that’ll last forever.”

The couple met at a fundraiser for politician Ben Jealous and Booker recently praised his famous girlfriend for making him “a better person”.

The former Mayor of Newark, New Jersey told Ellen DeGeneres last month (Mar19), “As our relationship grows it’s difficult (dating in the public eye), but she is such a deeply soulful person.

“She has taught me a lot of lessons about love already. Sometimes, you show the greatest strength when you make yourself vulnerable. She really has this nurturing spirit that has made me more courageous not just in the love that I project and want to see in our country, but I think in our own personal relationships to love more fearlessly. I’m very, very blessed to be with somebody that makes me a better person.”