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Robin Wright adding menswear to her sleepwear label

Robin Wright will soon be adding men’s pyjamas to her charitable sleepwear line.

The actress and designer Karen Fowler set up the label Pour Les Femmes two years ago, with profits from the range being donated to charities supporting women who have survived violence in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo. Though the current brand was created with women in mind, Robin has revealed that she will soon be trying her hand at designing for men.

“That is coming soon. Coming to a theatre near you!” she laughed in an interview with Elle U.K.

Editors at The Telegraph have also reported that Robin is seeking to launch children’s pyjamas as well as homeware items such as sheets, pillow, and candles. And though the House of Cards star is ambitious when it comes to expanding her brand, Karen is adamant that this all stems from Robin’s desire to make the world a better place for women.

“Robin’s celebrity has been a huge factor in pumping our brand,” she explained to the newspaper. “But it’s a passion project for her. And it’s something she doesn’t have to do. She doesn’t need to make the money. She doesn’t need a second job. But we really want the message out, because it means a lot to both of us. We really want to help these women in conflict regions all over the world.”

And if any men out there are planning on buying the woman in their life pyjamas for Christmas, Robin is certain just one question will help determine the perfect pair.

“How does the man want to see his woman?” she questioned. “I mean, you’ve got a plethora of ideas right there. Is she that woman, (or) is she that woman?”


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