Rihanna experiments with purple blusher in summer beauty tutorial

Rihanna has showed fans how she uses a purple blusher in a new beauty tutorial.

In a video posted to her Fenty Beauty YouTube channel on Sunday, the superstar demonstrated exactly how she uses several of the latest products from her cosmetics line to create her favourite “no make-up, make-up look”.

As part of the clip, Rihanna played with the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in Petal Poppin, a soft pink, and Summertime Wine, a berry shade, before pulling out Drama Class – an eye-catching violet colour.


“Look how crazy this colour looks… what is purple going to look like on my cheeks?” she said, before proceeding to dab the pigment on her cheeks. “It’s not scary at all, it’s beautiful and has such a sheer, beautiful effect. It works on every skin tone.”

Rihanna went on to explain that she prefers to use a brush to apply her blusher and has a very specific technique.

“I just like to pat it on (the apples of the cheeks) and then I go in a circle to create that little rosy cheek and then I drag up a little bit into the jawline. If I want more, I do more,” the 32-year-old noted.

Elsewhere in the video, Rihanna gushed over the Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer and insisted that the product is super versatile.

“These products are really light and are meant to be applied anyway you want. But a brush is usually a lot more convenient for me because I’m always in a rush. It’s meant to have a marriage with your make-up, your foundation, your powder – whatever you have on your base. You can use this on your eyes, your cheeks, your forehead,” she smiled.

“When I get to my forehead, I really go in because I have a big forehead. I’m pouring this into my foundation that’s already there, and look, it becomes more like skin than anything else. You can’t tell I have any make-up on… that is something that is very special. When you’re on the beach or just want to wake-up next to your man looking like you don’t have on make-up!”