Ricky Gervais planning to end After Life with third season

Ricky Gervais plans to end his hit series After Life with a third and final season.

The Office creator and star plays local reporter Tony Johnson, a grieving widower struggling to move on following the death of his wife, in the Netflix show, which struck a chord with viewers following its debut in March 2019.

“The response to season one, I don’t think I’ve ever received anything like it,” he shared in a recent SAG Foundation Conversations panel. “It was the emotional response. My agent got 300 letters and that never happens; no one writes a letter any more…


“I did use audience participation (when writing season two) and now with social media I’ve got loads of stories with 1,000 tweets a day about what they’ve noticed. I took all that and put it into season two and the response was probably even bigger…”

Season two of After Life, which premiered in late April, proved to be such a popular pick for viewers during the coronavirus lockdown, streaming service bosses were quick to order a season three.

Gervais is also said to be working on a Christmas special, but once those projects are complete, the funnyman will be putting the dark comedy to rest.

“I knew there was a season three probably for the first time ever (after the response to season two) but it had to be a demanded encore. It’s got to go down as well as season one or better; they’ve got to be shouting for it,” he said. “I’ve already made my mind up that there won’t be a season four because it’s finite.”