Renee Zellweger was ‘tired and skinny’ after filming Judy

Renee Zellweger was “tired and skinny” after she wrapped filming on Judy.

The 50-year-old has won critical acclaim for her portrayal of late Hollywood icon Judy Garland in the biopic, which focuses on her residency at the Talk of the Town nightclub in London back in the late 1960s.

Opening up about how making the movie took its toll on her physically in a chat with InStyle magazine, Renee said she was in desperate need of some time off once production ended.


“I was tired and skinny when we finished this. The schedule is pretty punishing, but it’s finite. You know that after this series of months, you can catch up a little. But, yeah, this one was big. It was big because I was greedy. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep digging,” she explained.

The Oscar winner even mastered the hunched posture that Judy had in her later years but confessed it was difficult to maintain while filming.

“We were just trying things, and so walking down that hall was just an ongoing conversation about the varying degrees of severity. How she gets from the bathroom to the stage, and making decisions about what to show when, and making sure there is continuity. There were multiple collaborations happening within my body at once,” the actress laughed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Renee discussed her determination to change the stigma of ageing in Hollywood.

“It’s a privilege. I’d rather celebrate each phase of my life and be present in it than mourn something that’s passed. I’d rather be a healthy, productive woman in each stage of my life than apologetic,” she insisted. “I also don’t want to perpetuate the notion that somehow moving forward in your life is wrong.”