Rebel Wilson interested in Australian politics when Hollywood dream is over

Rebel Wilson is considering a career in politics back home in Australia when her Hollywood career is over.

The comedienne might not strike everyone as the perfect politician but she reveals she has had a lot of low-key success as an activist and game changer Down Under, and she’d like to dedicate more time to making life better for teachers, nurses, the military and kids.

“I want to help people,” she tells InStyle, revealing that her recent battle with media moguls over printed falsehoods about her made her realise she could take on powerful people – and win.


The Pitch Perfect star was awarded record damages in 2017 after she successfully sued Bauer Media executives for magazine articles published in 2015 that portrayed her as a serial liar who had misled fans about her age and background.

“Part of my case was standing up to a big, bullying media organisation. When I see other people needing to stand up for themselves, I like to inspire them or help them with the legal knowledge I have. And, God, as a woman, you need to stand up for yourself in so many ways.

“It’s important, and I think some people do find inspiration from me and my life. My mother was a public school teacher. I have a sister who is a nurse, and I’m real big into military… I’m into good education for people.

“Through the School (of St Jude) in Tanzania, I have been helping to lift kids out of poverty through education. The healthcare system is really important. Those are the political platforms I naturally would have because of my background, so I do think when I am done with Hollywood, that’s what will happen.”

But before she turns her attention to politics, the actress wants to find a man who isn’t intimidated by her fame.

“(It) is weird, the idea that I would be intimidating to anyone, but it happens all the time,” she adds. “Someone I really liked was so intimidated and got a lot of anxiety and couldn’t have a relationship with me because I’m in the public eye. They didn’t want that, so that kind of sucked.”