Rebel Wilson injured during snorkelling trip


Rebel Wilson was left “bleeding pretty badly” after hitting some coral while snorkelling on vacation.

The Pitch Perfect actress and her pal, Entertainment Tonight reporter Carly Steel, have been documenting their holiday in French Polynesia on social media, and on Thursday (15Feb18), they revealed that their snorkelling excursion didn’t quite go to plan.

Rebel documented their trip on her Instagram stories, sharing footage of them snorkelling and some of fish swimming underwater, before announcing they were injured.

“Alright, so unfortunately, we’ve run into some disaster and got hit by some coral. Let me show you,” she said, before panning her camera down to her right thigh, which was bleeding from a large graze. “So as you can see, bleeding pretty bad so we’re going to go in and seek medical assistance.”

Carly also added that she had suffered a coral-related injury to her knee and Rebel replied, “Carly, don’t get into any more coral, coral is a killer, it’s frickin’ killer” before exclaiming, “The fish are trying to get my cut-up legs!”

In the next video, they are back on dry land and Carly can be seen resting her leg with a large white dressing on knee. As she pans around the beach hut to show a man, Rebel can be heard saying, “We had to get medical assistance, thank you so much. We’ve got sterilising agents… urgh!”

After receiving treatment, Rebel and Carly went back outside and showed off their injuries in another video, with Rebel displaying a large dressing on her thigh and Carly showing two patches on her right leg. They then headed back to their hotel and recovered while watching Thor: Ragnarok.

The 37-year-old later put the clip into one big Instragram video and wrote in the caption, “Safe to say @carlyjsteel & I are the best snorkelers out there,” while Carly shared it and referenced Rebel’s Pitch Perfect catchphrase by writing, “Did we crush it with the coral or did the coral crush us?”

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