Rebel Wilson ‘disappointed’ by publishers’ decision to appeal defamation damages

Rebel Wilson is “disappointed” that Bauer Media Group have decided to appeal the $3.66 million (£2.75 million) payout she was due to receive after winning her defamation case against them.

The magazine publishers revealed on Monday (09Oct17) that they were planning to appeal against the record payout Justice John Dixon had decided Rebel should receive in damages.

Adrian Goss, a lawyer for the company, said in a statement: “It’s important for us to revisit this unprecedented decision on the quantum of damages, which also has broad implications for the media industry.”


The appeal is not contesting the verdict in the case, but solely arguing against the size of the payout.

Following the news, Rebel took to her Twitter page to reveal her feelings, acknowledging that while not a surprise, it will delay the good work she was hoping to do with the money.

“Am not surprised that Bauer has decided to appeal the damages amount in my recent defamation case considering their disgusting history,” the Pitch Perfect star began. “I am disappointed that this now delays my plans to support Australian charities and Australians in the entertainment industry.”

However, Rebel added that an appeal would hopefully bring to light some more of the organisation’s “disgraceful practices”.

“Nevertheless if this is a chance to expose more of their disgraceful practices & present more evidence on damages, I welcome it,” she continued. “Thank you so much to the past and present employees of this media organisation who have come forward with helpful information.”

Rebel concluded her postings by writing: “BTW (by the way) Bauer has hired a PR firm Thrive PR to get people to say positive things about their appeal today. All orchestrated, total rubbish x”

In September (17), Justice Dixon decided that Rebel should receive that amount in damages after she won her trial against the organisation for allegedly ruining her reputation and painting her as a liar in articles in 2015 in which they suggested she had publicly lied about her age, real name and upbringing.

He declared the large amount was required to “vindicate” the Pitch Perfect star, as her reputation as an “actress of integrity (has been) wrongly damaged”.