Rashida Jones fronts eyewear campaign

Rashida Jones has been tapped to front a new campaign for eyewear brand Zenni.

The Parks and Recreation actress and glasses-wearer has partnered with executives at the online spectacle company on their new Eyewear for Every You ad campaign.

As part of the collaboration, the 43-year-old writer and producer models a range of Zenni’s affordable, stylish and high-quality eyewear in a variety of everyday situations for the imagery and appears in a series of funny and lighthearted videos with her friend, played by Kara Brown, in which she can be seen pairing various glasses with her outfits, using the Zenni 3D Virtual Try-On feature to shop new frames, and wearing Zenni’s Blokz glasses to protect her eyes from blue light while watching TV on her tablet.


“Rashida embodies creativity, style and a positive sense of self, which aligns perfectly with the Zenni brand and what we promote as a company,” said Sean Pate, Zenni brand communications officer, in a statement. “Sophisticated, professional, romantic or sporty, the ‘Eyewear for Every You’ campaign is about finding glasses that fit all your style needs at the most affordable price point in the market.”

The Office star will also curate her favourite designs into a collection called “Rashida’s Picks” which customers will be able to purchase as well as test out using the Zenni’s 3D Virtual Try-On, which gives them a realistic preview of what the glasses will look like on their face using a facial analysis tool.

The Eyewear for Every You advertising campaign can be seen across Zenni’s social media channels, streaming services, in-flight airline magazines, and on billboards from this week.