Rashida Jones content with her level of fame

Rashida Jones is very content with her current level of fame.

The actress is known for her performances on programmes such as The Office, Parks and Recreation and Angie Tribeca, and has also penned scripts for TV and the silver screen. But Rashida has now shared that the reason she doesn’t pursue Hollywood blockbusters is that she has no desire to be known as a celebrity.

“I am pretty fierce about my privacy,” she told PorterEdit. “I have made career choices to protect it. I stopped going after big movies because what comes with it is they want you to be as famous as possible. I don’t have the constitution to battle that.”


In recent years, Rashida wrote the script for 2012 movie Celeste and Jesse Forever and co-wrote the teleplay for an episode of TV anthology series Black Mirror. And she’s found the transition from actress to a writer to be very rewarding personally.

“The reason I got behind the camera was because I felt replaceable as an actress,” the 42-year-old shared. “You walk into a room, and they’ve already decided whether you’ve got the part based on your hair. There are people born to act, but I play parts which are just versions of me. Writing is more of a back and forth conversation. That, for me, feels better.”

As the daughter of actress Peggy Lipton and musician/record producer Quincy Jones, Rashida grew up in a creative environment – and she’s always tried to abide by her father’s career advice. “My Dad is all about mastery. He said, ‘Whatever you do, you have to work really hard to get really good at it,’” she smiled.