R. Kelly avoids jail with child support debt payment

R. Kelly has dodged another stint behind bars after handing over a $62,000 (£47,700) cheque to his ex-wife for overdue child support payments.

The Bump n’ Grind hitmaker spent three days behind bars in Chicago, Illinois in March (19) after skipping a court deadline to settle his debts with Andrea Kelly, who claimed she was owed more than $160,000 (£123,000) to help care for their three children.

He was only released from jail after an anonymous donor paid off his debt, but he risked the wrath of prosecutors again in April (19), after failing to keep up with his last two months of child support payments.


Kelly returned to court on Wednesday (08May19) for another hearing in the case, and surprised his ex by handing over enough funds to cover March, April, and May, helping him to avoid another possible jail stay.

However, the singer’s slate has yet to be wiped completely clean – he was informed there was still an outstanding $32,000 (£24,600) bill for interest, reports TMZ.

Andrea, aka Drea, also filed a new request seeking additional money to cover schooling expenses for their 21-year-old daughter Joann, who goes by the name Buku Abi.

Kelly’s lawyers have responded by asking for proof of enrollment in a higher education course.

The musician is still fighting to have his monthly child support payments lowered, insisting he can no longer afford the $21,000 (£16,000) he previously agreed to in the former couple’s 2009 divorce due to a lack of work as he faces 10 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

His previous attempt to have the figure reduced in March was dismissed.

Meanwhile, Kelly has scored another legal break in a civil suit filed by one of his sexual assault accusers.

The woman, identified only as H.W. in court papers, won a default judgement against the singer last month (Apr19) after Kelly ignored the legal action, but on Wednesday, an Illinois judge vacated the ruling.

The decision was made after Kelly’s new attorneys claimed their client hadn’t responded to the plaintiff’s court summonses because he cannot read.

He now has another opportunity to fight the case, which will continue on 19 June (19).

The accuser claims she met the 52-year-old R&B star at a restaurant, while celebrating her 16th birthday party, and alleges she and Kelly had a year-long sexual relationship in the late 1990s, when she was underage.

She is seeking more than $50,000 (£38,400) in damages.