Queen & Slim actress Jodie Turner-Smith hopes to inspire ‘black girls who look like me’

Jodie Turner-Smith feels “incredible” after landing the leading role in Queen & Slim – and hopes she’ll be able to inspire young black girls to follow in her footsteps.

The actress, who was born in the U.K. to Jamaican parents, landed a leading role in Universal Picture’s upcoming flick about a young couple on the run after a police stop leaves the officer dead, and Jodie confessed that as a “dark-skinned Black woman with short hair”, she couldn’t quite believe her casting.

“The fact that I was cast in a show to play a female lead and I’m the dark-skinned Black woman with short hair, it’s so incredible,” she told Essence magazine’s November (19) issue. “It just gave me a little bit of wind beneath my wings to really go and make this my own.”


The star, who appears as Queen opposite actor Daniel Kaluuya’s Slim, went on to reflect on the possible impacts of the film, which she claims shows an “intentional display of black love”, adding: “It’s definitely not lost on me how beautiful that is to see (a black love story), for the world and also for our community.

“And so to get to be in that position, to get to play Queen, to know that there will be little Black girls who look like me, who will see the film and be like, Oh my God, look, somebody who looks like me — that makes me feel really awesome,” Jodie added.

Queen & Slim debuts in cinemas next month (Nov19).