Priyanka Chopra was a make-up novice before she started beauty pageants

Priyanka Chopra embraced her feminine side when she started entering beauty pageants.

The Quantico actress, who won the coveted Miss World title back in 2000, has opened up about her growing confidence in an op-ed for U.S. InStyle magazine and revealed that she struggled to truly love herself when she was younger.

“Confidence is not something I was born with,” Priyanka candidly shared. “Growing up, I was quite the tomboy, but my mom was impossibly glamorous. I envied her incredible grace and how she was so well turned out.”


Priyanka began doing beauty pageants at the age of 17 and credited them with helping her to gain some much-needed self-confidence.

“When I started doing beauty pageants at 17 years old, I had such low self-esteem. I didn’t know about hairstyling or make-up – I didn’t even know how to use foundation,” the 37-year-old explained, adding that she began to embrace her femininity when she had her make-up done professionally for the first time. “I was completely mesmerised because my face looked so flawless. Granted, I probably had on five pounds of cosmetics, which makes me laugh because at the time I didn’t realise that was too much, but I remember the feeling viscerally. That’s when I started to discover my feminine side.”

Priyanka now enjoys looking feminine and often tries to emulate her mother’s chic style.

“Over time, I began enjoying how I felt when I walked out the door, knowing that I represented the mood I was in that day and that I was put-together the way I wanted to be. This became so empowering to me,” she gushed.