Priyanka Chopra insists on doing her own eyebrow make-up

Priyanka Chopra insists on doing her own eyebrow make-up because it helps her get into “character”.

The Quantico actress always looks flawless when she steps out on the red carpet and over the years has built up a reputation for her ability to pull off just about any beauty trend.

While Priyanka can sit for up to two hours in the beauty chair each day, she has now shared that she always does her own eyebrows, even when her go-to make-up artist Pati Dubroff is on hand.


“Eyebrows I do myself,” she said in a video for Harper’s Bazaar. “I change my eyebrows according to whatever character I want. I just think you can completely change your face because your eyebrows frame your face.”

Pati confirmed that her client always does her own eyebrows and shared that the star won’t let her “get near” them.

When it comes to getting Priyanka glam for big events, the make-up expert also divulged that she only applies moisturiser to the perimeter of her face.

“Hydration in the areas where you want the glowiness and mattification in the centre, where you are going to want to be more matte but don’t want to use powder because powder is so ageing. A matte primer through the centre – that’s prior to foundation,” said Pati.

In addition, Priyanka ran her fans through her haircare regime in the clip. She explained that her hair used to be her “biggest problem” but since using hydrating products, it has become her “crowning glory”.

“It’s so important to find the right conditioner for your hair. A deep masque, twice a week, at least. I love oiling my hair with coconut oil for the scalp, because it allows for circulation,” the 35-year-old smiled.