Pretty Little Liars costume designer joins Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot

The stars of the new Beverly Hills, 90210 revamp are getting a helping hand in the style department from the woman who dressed the Pretty Little Liars cast.

Costume designer Mandi Line has joined the reboot, which features most of the original 90210 cast members, including Jason Priestly and Tori Spelling, and tells Fashionista she was tasked with making the stars look cool, while connecting them to the 1990s, when the original show was a TV hit.

“I’m getting to dress the person,” she says. “They’re nice as they can be, but if it’s not right, they get to look at the item and say, ‘This was not it. I never wore this’, because they’re the experts.”


To make her job easier, Line decided to pick specific outfits that were worn on the hit Nineties television show and replicate them.

“They got to set and the moment was so cool. They looked at each other and said, verbatim, ‘Wow, I am tripping out’,” Line recalled.

“Everyone else got inspired. So Tori could say to the makeup artist, ‘Oh my God, with this dress, I wore pink lipstick!’ It took them back.”

The news show, BH 90210, will debut on 7 August.