Pete Wentz unveils unisex jewellery line

Pete Wentz has launched a line of unisex jewellery.

The Fall Out Boy star previously co-founded clothing brand Clandestine Industries in 2006, with the company producing limited-edition T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

While Clandestine Industries ceased operating five years ago, Wentz is now gearing up to make a splash in the jewellery market with his latest venture, Ronin.


“In a world fuelled by stories that are set to disappear after 24 hours, Ronin offers pieces that are tangible and stay with you to become part of your permanent story – touchstones that will eventually have a story of their own,” a statement on the brand’s website reads. “Inspiration for the collection was drawn from vintage jewellery and various metals to create purposeful designs with the intention of becoming something more rather than less as they pass through the world. Ronin is counterprogramming, providing depth for the void no matter what course you choose to set.”

At present, there are seven jewellery items available in the Ronin range, including the Luna pendant, featuring a moon motif, the Serpens ring, which is shaped like a snake, and the Cor Locket, which is engraved with a rose design. The pieces are priced from $50 – $1,300 (£40 – £1,030).

Wentz models a number of the designs in an accompanying lookbook.

A small range of Ronin apparel is also available to purchase on the company’s website, with garments including a T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and a hoodie with moon logo.

And in an interview about his new project with WWD, Wentz noted that he has worn all of his jewellery designs while playing concerts.

“I played 50 shows in most of them and got in the shower afterward and sweated and saw how the pieces reacted to that. It’s design and ideas that can go past the parameters of the band,” the 40-year-old added.