Pete Davidson received weed delivery from complete stranger

Comedian Pete Davidson was bemused to receive a personal delivery of marijuana from a fan during the coronavirus lockdown after sharing his intention to stay sober.

The Saturday Night Live regular, who has previously spent time in rehab, mentioned he had “quit drugs for a bit” in a video announcement with filmmaker Judd Apatow last month (Apr20), when they revealed plans to forgo a theatrical release for their new comedy The King of Staten Island, in favour of launching the movie on video-on-demand services in June.

Somehow, the clip inspired one fan from Bayonne, New Jersey to drive to Davidson’s native Staten Island, New York, where he is currently living in his mother’s basement, and hand-deliver a bag of weed for him to enjoy.


During a virtual appearance on America’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, the funnyman recounted, “Me and Judd (sic) released this video to kind of try and get it out there that the movie is coming out and I mentioned that I wasn’t doing drugs and I was trying not to.

“And then literally three hours later, a lady rang my doorbell with a full bag of weed and gave it to my mum and said, ‘I heard your son needs this.'”

“They came from Bayonne,” Davidson continued. “They were like, ‘We just saw your video, congrats on the movie!'”

In a separate Instagram Live chat with Apatow, the actor explained the bag contained “a couple weeks’ worth” of marijuana, which he gave to a friend.

“I haven’t heard from him since,” he quipped. “It’s been about four days.”