Penelope Cruz introduced Murder on the Orient Express to game of secrets

Penelope Cruz helped break the ice on the set of star-studded new thriller Murder on the Orient Express by introducing her castmates to a card game of secrets.

The Spanish actress thought it would be fun to challenge the likes of Johnny Depp and Dame Judi Dench to a game of Werewolf and the idea was such a big hit the castmates played for hours in between takes.

“It’s (a game) about keeping secrets, trust and telling lies,” Penelope tells Parade magazine.


Tony-winning Hamilton actor Leslie Odom Jr. admits, “We’d play for hours and hours. We were such nerds!”

And when they weren’t playing card games, new pals Josh Gad and Johnny Depp bonded over YouTube videos.

“We’d sit there and guffaw like 13-year-old boys,” the Frozen star tells the publication.

British actress Daisy Ridley was thrilled there was so much going on between scenes as it helped her get to know her superstar castmates.

“I was so nervous!” she says. “I thought to myself, ‘I shouldn’t be here.’ I was surrounded by people who have worked for years and years and have proven themselves again and again. I’ve done neither.”

Co-star Michelle Pfeiffer can sympathise with the Star Wars actress – she still fears being uncovered as a “fraud” due to her lack of training.

The actress, who kicked off her career in 1978 and received mainstream attention for her roles in 1983’s Scarface, 1988’s Dangerous Liaisons and 1992’s Batman Returns, recently told Interview magazine that she often worries about her credibility as an actress, as she never attended drama school.

“I’ve had days, and I still do, when I just pray to the acting gods,” she admitted. “When I have a particularly hard scene and I’m really frightened, I show up, throw my arms up and go, ‘OK acting gods, I need you with me today’.

“I got this email from Steve Kloves, who wrote and directed The Fabulous Baker Boys, and he said, ‘How’s it going on Murder on the Orient Express…?’ And I said, ‘Oh, you know me. I feel like I’m ruining his movie’.”

The film, directed by and starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, also features Willem Dafoe, Olivia Colman, and Lucy Boynton.