Patricia Arquette was asked to lose weight for Medium role

Patricia Arquette has recalled how outraged she was when producers of her hit TV series Medium told her to lose a few pounds.

The actress, who won an Emmy for the series during its 2005 to 2011 run, found herself in a heated debate when she refused to diet for the crime drama.

“I had an argument with one of the producers on Medium, who told me I should lose weight,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I was like, ‘This lady is a mother, she’s married, she’s got three kids. No’. But there’s that expectation… of looking a certain way. Like, ‘OK, you could be 40, but you’ve got to be a 40 who looks 30.'”


The experience is part of why her role in last year’s award-winning HBO series Escape at Dannemora was so liberating.

In it, she played real-life prison worker Joyce ‘Tilly’ Mitchell, who had affairs with convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt, as played by Paul Dano and Benicio Del Toro, and then helped them escape from prison.

“I really wanted to do these love scenes and I’m going to gain a bunch of weight and my boobs are going to be giant, and my stomach…,” Patricia said. “This is the first love scene where I’m not wearing any body make-up and I don’t care that it’s high-def. It’s all a nightmare, but not really.”

The part won the 51-year-old her second Golden Globe, and during her acceptance speech at the awards ceremony in January, Patricia joked about the prosthetic teeth she had to sport for the part.

“How many f**ked up teeth does a person need? I was born with f**ked up teeth!” she told the cheering audience.