Patricia Arquette relished playing sexy prison employee


Patricia Arquette jumped at the chance to play a sex addict in new series Escape at Dannemora because she liked the idea of portraying a middle-aged seductress.

The actress takes on the role of a dowdy prison employee who has sex with the inmates in Ben Stiller’s new project, and admits it was a part she had never been offered after years of portraying mums onscreen.

“To be able to do character work and explore sexuality as a middle-aged woman with not a kind of body that Hollywood is used to, I thought was a really interesting conversation to have,” she tells WENN. “To show a woman who enjoys sex but doesn’t have this type of body that we think, in Hollywood, people are supposed to have to have value in the world (was interesting).

“To explore needs and love and wanting to feel alive. These different love affairs that she has with these different men and sexually how different she is with each man and be someone who triangulates relationships. All these different themes as a woman, I’ve never had the opportunity to even really look at.”

And Patricia was shocked to discover there is a huge porn market for sexy middle-aged women, mums and even grandmothers.

“When I was doing research I found there’s a million porn stars who are 20 years old with perfect bodies and then there’s this humongous audience for MILFs (mothers I’d like to f**k), grandmothers, big beautiful women,” Arquette reveals.

“People are actually looking for something else. Is it sexy or not when someone is into their sexuality? That was also a big part of it in a society that I think makes women often apologetic about their sexuality. To have an opportunity to look at these themes was scary and exciting.”

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