Paris Hilton ‘doesn’t have time for love’ following Chris Zylka split

Paris Hilton “doesn’t have time for love” after calling off her engagement to actor Chris Zylka in November (18).

The socialite got engaged to The Leftovers star at the end of 2017 during a New Year’s vacation in Aspen, Colorado after a year of dating, but confirmed they had split up in November.

Paris, 38, has thrown herself into work since the break-up, and is currently so busy focusing on her business that she doesn’t have time to pursue a new romance.


“I don’t have time for love right now. I hardly have time for myself. I am constantly travelling over 250 days a year, never home hardly, just focusing on myself, my business and my friends,” she told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

She explained that when she is ready to get back out on the dating scene, loyalty will be her top priority.

“There is always a lot of guys everywhere, always,” she added. “When I am ready, the most ¬≠important thing is loyalty, someone who is your best friend and who you can trust and who loves you for you… When you know you know. But I don’t know yet.”

Paris, who was previously engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, confirmed that she was single again during an appearance on U.S. TV show The Talk in which she said she was enjoying “me time” but was still hopeful she’ll eventually find her happy ending.

“I just feel that when I fall in love, I fall in love fast and hard and it was this whirlwind romance and I’ve always been obsessed with Disney stories and love stories and I thought it was going to be my happy ending and I just realised after time that it wasn’t the right decision,” she said. “I wish him the best and one day I would love to get married and have children, but for right now I’m just focusing on myself and my work.”