Paris Hilton considering turning Chris Zylka engagement ring into a choker

Paris Hilton is considering turning the $2 million (£1.5 million) engagement ring she received from her former fiance Chris Zylka into a choker.

The Leftovers star Chris presented the heiress with the stunning 20-carat ring when he proposed at the end of 2017 during a New Year’s vacation in Aspen, Colorado. Nearly a year later, the pair announced they had parted ways, with questions then arising about who would keep the expensive piece of jewellery.

However, in a new chat with U.S. TV show Extra, Paris revealed she still has the diamond, crafted by designer Michael Greene of Greene & Co, smiling: “It’s just chilling in my safe.”


As for what she’s planning to do with the ring, Paris mused: “I think it will make an amazing choker.”

While the hotel heiress is currently happy being single and concentrating on her work, she also opened up about what she’s looking for in a partner, saying it comes down to him being “someone who is your best friend, someone you can trust”.

Paris was previously engaged to fashion model Jason Shaw and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis.

Talking about her sparkler from Chris a few weeks after they called it quits, the 38-year-old revealed how much publicity it had garnered for Greene & Co.

“The person who we got it from got millions and millions of dollars of free publicity (sic),” she shared on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius XM show. “I love how social media has basically become a new form of money. It’s pretty sick (great).”

After Jenny asked, “So you got to keep the ring?”, Paris responded, “Yes,” adding, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”