Pamela Anderson calls treatment of Julian Assange ‘disgusting’

Pamela Anderson has branded Julian Assange’s arrest “devastating” and “disgusting”.

The WikiLeaks co-founder was arrested on 11 April (19), after spending seven years in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and was subsequently found guilty of failing to surrender to the authorities in June 2012.

The former Baywatch star, who struck up an unlikely friendship with Assange during his stay at the embassy, expressed her outrage in a series of tweets on the day of his arrest, and continued to vent about it in a new interview with Spain’s Intimately Magazine.


“Julian has been arrested and it is devastating. He knew that it would happen,” she said, before blasting the authorities in the U.K, Ecuador and U.S.

“Ecuador and U.K. are subservient to the U.S., and now he could be extradited. Let’s hope not, but if he is, (U.S. President Donald) Trump will use him for the coming elections. They have already attempted to destroy Julian’s character. It’s disgusting.”

After he was removed from the embassy, the 47-year-old Australian was “further arrested” on an extradition warrant on behalf of U.S. authorities and he was later charged with conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for allegedly helping former soldier Chelsea Manning crack the password to a classified U.S. government computer in March 2010.

Anderson continued: “He’s a very important man, and the world needs his voice. And this is why they want to keep him quiet. We must fight to free Assange.”

After his arrest, the actress tweeted that she was in shock before lashing out at the U.K. authorities, calling them “America’s b**ch” looking for a “diversion from your idiotic Brexit bulls**t”.