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7 Fun Kerry Washington Facts

Kerry Washington has become a huge Hollywood star thanks to her role in The Fixer. Here are seven fun facts about the actress.

10 Fun Johnny Depp Facts

Johnny Depp is one of the most sought-after actors in Tinseltown. Here are 10 fun facts about the star.

Super Cool Mom, Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster refers to herself as a cool mom, adding that she's always allowed her kids to make mistakes.

Nicole Richie: ‘Mom Inspired My Fashion’

Nicole Richie is quite the fashionistas - and it seems her mom needs to be thanked. The star reveals it was mommy dearest who inspired her at times.

Shaving Is Sexy For J.Lo

J.Lo talks beauty regimens, like shaving her legs - and how sexy she thinks it is.

Charlize Theron’s Eye Make-Up Tips

It's all about the smoky-eye - Charlize Theron sported it, and her make-up artist is chatting about it.

Jennifer Aniston’s Make-Up Tips

Jennifer Aniston has gorgeous, flawless skin, which is why we're stealing some of her make-up tips from her make-up artist.

Meet Soraya Doolbaz – The Dick Photographer

Yes, you read that right! Meet the queen of dick pics - Soraya Doolbaz!

Kristin Cavallari Sheds Tears For Brother

Kristin Cavallari hopes for a happier 2016 after losing her brother in late December. She also talks about her kids and how blessed she is to have them. Says Competition Is Healthy talks smartwatches and competition - there's no messing around with this star.

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