Oscars leading ladies should wear yellow or gold if they want to get lucky on Sunday

Actresses who want to get lucky at the Oscars on Sunday (24Feb19) should wear yellow and avoid green, according to a new style study.

Fashionistas at Global.Accessorize.com have researched the outfits and designers that lead to good fortune at the Academy Awards, revealing that 60 percent of female nominees who wear yellow on the red carpet go on to win the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress honours.

On the other hand, looking back at 40 years of Oscars fashion, leading ladies who opt to shimmer in silver for Hollywood’s big night rarely win – 92 per cent have missed out on Oscar gold.


Meanwhile, the lucky colour for Best Actress nominees is bold gold, with 43 per cent of all golden girls going on to win. The unluckiest colour is green, with only one of 14 taking home an Oscar.

Yellow is also the colour for Best Supporting Actress hopefuls, while grey is a big no for those up for the prize.

Among the designers, Bob Mackie is Oscars gold when it comes to Best Actress style choices as all the nominees who have chosen to wear his creations have won, according to the Accessorize experts, but Giorgio Armani remains the king of the Academy Awards as his designs have been on more women lifting the statuette than any other.

One of the biggest surprise winners ever, Mira Sorvino, added a little luck to her bid for Best Supporting Actress glory by wearing a yellow Armani gown – she went on to win the prize in 1996 for her role in Mighty Aphrodite.

As for the luckiest style, more women have been called to the stage in gowns that feature “an illusion neckline, short sleeves and a hemline above the knee”.