Orlando Bloom predicted ring box mishap ahead of Katy Perry proposal

Orlando Bloom predicted his proposal to Katy Perry would go awry when he saw the size of the ring box.

The British actor asked the popstar to be his wife on Valentine’s Day, presenting her with a huge $5 million (£3.8 million) ring in the process.

But while Orlando had hoped the moment would be thoughtful and romantic, it was one to remember for all the wrong reasons – as the box containing the ring got stuck in his jacket pocket. The actor then tugged the box so hard he ripped his pocket and smashed a bottle of champagne with his elbow.


However, in a chat on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday, the Carnival Row star admitted he’d had a feeling the mishap might occur prior to the proposal.

“I just couldn’t get the ring out of my jacket… I had a premonition because I said to the guy who I bought the ring from,” Orlando grinned. “He’s a friend and I said just make sure the ring box isn’t too big. He said it will be fine and I just knew it, it was too big clearly because I couldn’t get it out of my pocket.”