Olivia Culpo cut back on exfoliating after suffering breakouts

Olivia Culpo’s skincare expert warned her to cut back on exfoliating after she started getting breakouts.

The model/actress shot to fame after winning the Miss Universe pageant in 2012 and dating Nick Jonas.

Olivia has now shared that she suffers from the same skin issues as anyone else and has altered her nighttime regime accordingly.


“I use Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Enzyme Cleanser, which is my favourite. It really exfoliates the skin through natural fruit enzymes,” she said in an episode of Go To Bed With Me for Harpersbazaar.com. “And Dr. Sturm recommended this for me because I was getting these breakouts, it’s so funny, on one side of my cheek. I told her that I was using all of these products with beads and I was trying to exfoliate every single day and she recommended this product because she noticed I was actually over-exfoliating. So be careful for that!”

Olivia went on to explain that she ensures to remove all of her cosmetics each night by dipping Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in coconut oil. When necessary, such as after a long flight, she will sometimes use exfoliating peel pads from Sanitas or Dr. Dennis Gross, and is a big fan of using La Mer’s The Renewal Oil when her complexion is dehydrated.

“I find that when I’m breaking out, contrary to popular belief it’s not because my skin is super oily, it’s actually because my skin is really dehydrated,” the 27-year-old said, before demonstrating how she applies a few drops to her face. “So, my pores are acting up and they’re not cooperating with life, airplanes, and lack of sleep.”

In addition, Olivia uses Nurse Jamie’s NuVibe RX Amethyst Massaging Beauty Tool and Skin Design London’s Designer Balm, and encourages fans to try out a body serum such as Mimi Luzon’s Satin Skin Body Serum.

“You put so many serums and peels on our face, we should probably start considering that on our body too. I use this all over my body. I love it because it absorbs so well,” she smiled.