Nikki Reed serving as adviser to plant-based baby food firm

Actress Nikki Reed is venturing into the food industry as an adviser for a meal delivery company specialising in plant-based food for babies.

The Twilight star, who shares 20-month-old daughter Bodhi with her actor husband Ian Somerhalder, will work with officials at San Francisco, California-based brand Raised Real to pump up the profile of their pre-portioned products, all made with flash-frozen vegetables.

Nikki, who runs her own sustainable lifestyle line Bayou with Love, became a fan of the firm after trying the meals for her own child, and eventually decided to reach out to discuss a possible collaboration.


“I started researching and found so many things that I felt were really morally aligned with my own philosophy and approach to life and parenting, inspired by the list of ingredients and the sustainability component,” she explains to The Hollywood Reporter.

“All those things led me to reaching out to the company independently… I’m an adviser, which means everything from marketing and strategy to product development. And being that I launched my own company just 23 months ago, I also felt really inspired and connected to the founder’s story.”

The meals provided through Raised Real make use of pre-chopped produce, allowing bosses to save “imperfect” vegetables and cut down on food waste.

“As a society, we’re conditioned to think that if something isn’t vibrant and shiny and perfectly symmetrical that it’s not good. And that’s simply not the case,” Nikki says. “Part of what I love about being a part of this company is encouraging the message surrounding the use of imperfect foods.”

And the actress is thrilled to promote healthy eating for infants: “More often than not, (healthy food) is catered toward adults and we don’t put a lot of focus on that for children, which is such a huge mistake and such a missed opportunity…,” she adds.

“Having pre-portioned, pre-chopped meals that are a fully balanced diet and filled with all the amazing yummy, nutrient-dense things that, even as adults, you want to have, like coconut oils and spices like turmeric and chia seeds and ground pumpkin seeds… It makes you feel like you’ve really accomplished something as a parent.”

Nikki isn’t the only celebrity mum to enter the baby food industry – last year (18), Jennifer Garner launched her Once Upon a Farm organic baby food line.