Nicole Scherzinger developing fitness workout programme

Nicole Scherzinger is creating her own workout programme.

The Pussycat Dolls star is dedicated to her fitness routine and often shows off the results of her hard work by flaunting her toned physique on social media and while wearing her stage outfits.

During the coronavirus lockdown, she has also been sharing videos of her joint workouts with sportsman boyfriend Thom Evans on Instagram to help inspire people to exercise at home.


But now, Nicole is channelling her love of physical activity into a new fitness workout programme called Mana Movement, which she is in the early stages of developing.

“I’m really excited to expand and build on this,” the 41-year-old told Hawaii’s HILuxury magazine. “I actually got the (Mana Movement) name because I was going to a waterfall hike with my cousin, and when I would go underneath the waterfall, the power of it… I could feel the mana. I felt like I needed that cleansing and I needed a transformation. So, I would sit there and get pummelled, and it was like a resurgence of energy and renewal.”

In the Pacific Islands, mana is a word people use to refer to the concept of a spiritual life force energy or healing power that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects.

Nicole has yet to reveal when she will be releasing her Mana Movement programme.

However, the TV personality isn’t the only celebrity to venture into the fitness market – Chris Hemsworth is the brains behind the Centr app, while Carrie Underwood recently released the fit52 app and an accompanying book.