Nicola Formichetti exploring ‘interplay of light and dark’ with Lady Gaga’s Chromatica looks

Nicola Formichetti is exploring an “interplay of light and dark” when it comes to creating brand-new looks for Lady Gaga.

The singer, who is well known for bold and extravagant fashion choices, recently released her sixth studio album Chromatica after teasing fans with tracks Stupid Love and her duet with Ariana Grande, Rain on Me.

In an interview with, Formichetti explained that when dreaming up ensembles for Gaga’s latest music videos, he drew upon her personal transformation over the years.


“Chromatica is not utopian or dystopian. It’s how Gaga sees the world. It’s very, very upbeat, but it’s realistic in its message, and she speaks about a lot of deeply personal things,” he told the fashion publication. “So, there is this interplay of light and dark. We needed something that wasn’t running from the past – actually, we wanted to embrace the past – to show that Gaga is on her path towards healing.”

Formichetti added the music video for Rain on Me also gives a hint to Gaga’s personal journey, thanks to a pair of Demonia boots.

“In the beginning of the video, she has on these really tall, stiletto spike heels,” the designer shared. “By the end, she is wearing platform boots. This silhouette is important. It’s still her, it still looks interesting, but it’s an evolution from high heels, which are more striking and more aggressive, to something that is more grounded. Maybe it’s a little more believable. It’s a different vibe, which we both love.”

And Formichetti also teased more outlandish fashion choices from the A Star Is Born actress.

“We’re all punks here, so we all want to go against the rules whenever we can. There are so many parts to this that we haven’t explored yet. Yeah. Chromatica is big,” he quipped.