Nicola Formichetti: ‘Every one of Lady Gaga’s looks is properly researched’

Lady Gaga and her style team never just pull a dress for her to wear, preferring instead to research each look in depth.

Speaking about what it’s like to work with Gaga, designer Nicola Formichetti, former artistic director at Diesel and the singer’s longtime collaborator, explained it’s not as simple as calling in clothes from top fashion houses.

“Well, everything is about collaboration,” he said to InStyle. “We’d never just pull a dress or ask someone to design a dress for her. It’s never like that. It’s a whole process. We study a lot, we research a lot, we look into the past, the future, what’s happening around the world. The Haus of Gaga is an evolving group of people, and of course, she’s the face and the one wearing everything, but she’s very much involved as a part of the creative process.”


Gaga has now opened her closet doors to her adoring fans in the shape of museum exhibition Haus of Gaga, which debuted inside the Park MGM Hotel in Las Vegas – the same venue as her Enigma residency – at the end of May.

On display is a range of the Poker Face star’s most iconic looks, including the meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the cigarette shades from her Telephone music video and costumes from her Oscar-nominated turn in A Star Is Born.

Asked where the clothes were housed before the exhibition, Formichetti shared: “We have a base – a large, secured space in California where we keep everything very temperature controlled – our archive. We respect fashion, fashion designers, and artists so much that we want to keep them in very good condition.

“Of course, they’re not on these silver mannequins in the archive, normally they’re more secured with bags on top and temperature controlled. But I love the way we styled them here, because when you start putting all her wigs on top it really captures that moment.”