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Nick Jonas teases John Varvatos documentary

Pop star Nick Jonas is working on a “top secret” documentary with fashion designer John Varvatos.

The singer/actor has become good friends with Varvatos in recent months after hitting it off at a dinner party, and they have since teamed up on a series of fashion ventures, with Nick becoming the face of his pal’s clothing label in January (18), before designing his own collection for the brand.

They have since teamed up once more for Varvatos’ first cologne collaboration, JV x NJ, which they launched at a party in New York City on Wednesday (08Aug18), but there’s many more joint projects in the pipeline – and some have nothing to do with fashion.

According to Pret-a-Reporter, Nick and John recently travelled through Europe and Cuba together as part of a “top secret” idea, but they are keeping specific details under wraps for the time being.

“It’s a film project, a documentary that we’ve been working on together, which I’m very excited about,” Nick tells the outlet. “I can tell you it’s going to be an important piece to the next evolution of my life, both as a person and on a creative level and as an artist.”

Varvatos explains he and Nick wanted to expand beyond the fashion world because, after getting to know one another, they discovered they have so much more in common.

“We feel like we’ve really connected on so many things, and we want to do things that we’re passionate about,” he teases. “And I’m sure we’ll come back to doing more in those categories (clothing and fragrance), but we’re really looking at some things outside of that right now that we’re deep into and super excited about.”

And John admits he’s found his creative soulmate in Nick: “I always think and I’ve always felt this way growing up, that two heads are better than one,” he adds. “And in this particular case, working with Nick, I felt all along that two heads are better than one.”


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