Niall Horan pledges One Direction will ‘come back with a bang’

Niall Horan has promised One Direction will “come back with a bang” if and when they decide the time is right for a reunion.

The band went on an indefinite hiatus at the end of 2015, with all four remaining members and ex-bandmate Zayn Malik embarking on solo projects.

In an interview on Australian TV show The Project on Monday, Niall said it was a “collective decision” to take a long break from the band – but that they’ll eventually return bigger than ever.


“It was a collective decision,” the 26-year-old commented. “We had done five albums, five years, five tours. At some point that takes its toll. People always used to say, “You’re young. You can do it.” You try it.’

“We obviously had a lot of fun. But you tire yourself out and take a break and do stuff like this… if it happens again we’ll come back with a bang.”

Niall’s bandmate Liam Payne has also addressed the group’s reasons for going on hiatus in a new interview with The Guardian – revealing that they all needed a break from the pressure of being in the world’s biggest group.

“It was a little bit dark and twisted towards the end of it,” Liam explained. “But the last few shows were really beautiful moments because the pressure cooker had been let off.

“It was almost like counting down to holiday – we were going to wake up that Monday morning with no schedule.”