Nathalie Emmanuel won’t destroy her natural hair for a role

22nd Costume Designers Guild Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel Featuring: Nathalie Emmanuel Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 28 Jan 2020 Credit: Faye's Vision/Cover Images

Nathalie Emmanuel refuses to destroy her “curly crown” for the sake of a role.

When she first began her career, the Game of Thrones actress used to let the hair teams on film and TV sets do what they wanted with her locks because she didn’t have the confidence to speak up for herself.

However, Nathalie is now less afraid of putting her foot down and saying no.


“I’ve become much less afraid to say things when I feel uncomfortable, whether it’s happening to me or someone else, I’ll just say it straight up now,” she told U.K. Glamour magazine. “I’m not going to destroy my curl crown – my beautiful hair that I was so blessed to be given – because of a role.”

Nathalie decided to speak up regarding the styling of her hair a long time ago after being asked to straighten it on set.

“I was working alongside another mixed-race actress and they said people wouldn’t be able to tell us apart,” the 31-year-old grimaced. “I remember thinking, ‘Really?!’ but I didn’t have the confidence to say no then. I was much younger. Now, I’ve found my voice.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Nathalie shared that she feels “strong and unapologetic” when she has her hair out.

The Fast and Furious star also spoke about how she recently met with skincare specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm and now uses her products to reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation.

“She’s got a line for darker skin tones and it’s been a revelation. I’ve got scarring from hormonal breakouts and her skin range has really helped minimise some of the hyperpigmentation,” she added.