Nathalie Emmanuel defends Game of Thrones showrunners: ‘They’re good guys’

Nathalie Emmanuel defended Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, calling them “really good guys”.

The British actress, who starred as Missandei in the hit HBO show, confessed she was sad that she is no longer working with the duo, after Game of Thrones came to an end with its eighth and final season earlier this year (19).

“They’re awesome. I love those guys. They’re really good guys, and very talented writers, and I feel very privileged to have worked with them,” the 30-year-old told Entertainment Tonight.


“They’re really good men, and I definitely feel kind of sad that this whole chapter is over. I’m so excited to see them fly, because they did something that is damn near impossible, and they made the whole world fall in love with their show,” she added.

Nathalie also dismissed the negative reaction from some fans to the final season, including a petition demanding HBO remake the show’s final episodes.

“In light of the reaction to the end of the season, which, by the way, I think most people I know enjoyed it – I think it’s easy to focus on the negative, and I think people forget what those two did,” the Fast and Furious star said of the showrunners. “They literally made us hang onto their every word for 10 years.”

And Emmanuel joked that if the duo wanted to cast her in their upcoming new series of Star Wars movies, she was fully onboard.

“If they want to cast me in Star Wars, I will be totally fine with that. Absolutely,” she laughed.