Nathalie Emmanuel binges on vegan sweets

Nathalie Emmanuel loves to indulge in vegan treats whenever she visits her favourite bakery.

As the Game of Thrones actress abides by a plant-based and gluten-free diet, snacks can be hard to find.

However, in a cover interview for the May 2020 issue of U.S. Shape magazine, Natalie shared that she has discovered a great little spot in Los Angeles where she can dine to her heart’s content.


“When I find baking that is both vegan and gluten-free, it’s so exciting that I tend to go a bit over the top. In L.A., I go to this place called Erin McKenna’s Bakery and basically eat all the things,” she told the publication, before noting that she mostly tends to eat clean and simple meals. “I want to read the ingredients and know exactly what’s in stuff or be able to pronounce it.”

Food isn’t the only form of self-care the star allows herself. As a self-confessed yoga junkie, Nathalie has rarely gone a day with taking some time out for the gentle meditative practice.

“Wherever I am in the world, I find a yoga studio or I travel with my mat,” the 31-year-old explained, noting that she is a trained yoga instructor.

And for her, yoga is a chance to break away from the demands of acting and the film industry.

“I’m often giving so much energy to the world. It’s important to check in physically, mentally, and emotionally and see what’s going on,” she mused. “My fitness goals at the moment are to do pull-ups and to do pincha mayurasana, which is a forearm stand in yoga. I’m pretty strong at a headstand, but I want to be able to do a handstand and hold it.”