Natalie Portman: ‘There’s a revolution occurring in beauty industry’

Natalie Portman is adamant make-up can play a part in the female-led revolution occurring in Hollywood.

The Oscar-winning actress is a staunch political activist and has been involved in the U.S. Women’s March equal rights organisation and the development of the #MeToo movement.

And in a new interview with Marie Claire, Portman explained how she feels cosmetics and a woman’s beauty can be revolutionary.


“I think everyone now feels free to use beauty products as much or as little as they want, and the relaxing of those constraints is a revolution in itself,” she shared. “It allows you to reveal who you are but also to protect by masking yourself. Sometimes you want a bold lipstick, and sometimes no make-up at all. No matter what you decide, it doesn’t dictate who you are.”

The Black Swan star is keen to use as many natural products as possible in her beauty routine, after being inspired by the make-up artist on the set of her first film Leon: The Professional back in 1994.

“For my first role, the make-up artist on set used beet juice mixed with rose water for my character’s cheeks, and it always made me want to use the most natural products possible,” the 38-year-old shared.

The actress, who is the face of Dior’s hugely successful fragrance Miss Dior, also revealed that one of her favourite scents is jasmine, as it transports her back to Morocco where she travelled extensively during her twenties.

“Smell is the most emotional of the senses. It’s one of the earliest to develop, so scents hit you at your core and can take you back to a particular place and time,” Portman explained.