Naomie Harris committed to healthy living after childhood scoliosis trauma

Naomie Harris has pledged to never abuse her body after battling severe scoliosis as a child.

The Spectre star was diagnosed with the condition – which causes the spine to curl into an ‘S’ or ‘C’ shape – when she was just 11 and had to learn how to walk again after having an operation.

“The progression of the disease became severe in my teens, and I needed an operation. Doctors inserted a metal rod down my spine. I spent a month in the hospital recovering and had to learn how to walk again. It was really traumatic,” she recalled in a chat with Shape magazine. “I saw kids in the hospital with scoliosis so advanced that they would never be able to stand properly. I felt really lucky. Since then, I have always appreciated the gift of a healthy body.”


To maintain her health, Naomie meditates daily, exercises five times a week at Pilates classes or in a swimming pool, and she doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee.

“I don’t abuse my body,” the 43-year-old shared. “Health is the greatest thing you can have.

“I didn’t want to do anything that could hurt me in any way. I was very protective of my body. When I started making films that required me to be physically active, I realised that my body was capable of doing a lot more than I thought it was, and that if I exercise, I become stronger.”

Naomie also opened up about her incredibly healthy diet and explained that she had gone through years of experimenting with different foods in order to work out what works best for her.

“I’m a really healthy eater. For one thing, I incorporate Ayurvedic principles. That means plenty of warm, nourishing foods like stews and soups, even for breakfast. I have a really fast metabolism, so if I don’t eat something filling in the morning, I’ll be hungry again in five minutes,” she stated.