Naomi Watts can’t stand taste of wheatgrass juice

Naomi Watts can no longer bear the taste of wheatgrass juice because she drank “tonnes” of it while pregnant.

The Mulholland Drive actress abides by a very healthy lifestyle, taking time to exercise and prepare nutritious meals for herself.

However, in a new interview for U.S. Shape magazine, Naomi named fresh wheatgrass juice as the one health supplement that she now avoids.


“When I was first trying to get pregnant, I cut out a lot of wheat, sugar, and dairy in my diet—and I remember drinking tonnes of wheatgrass juice,” she said. “So, I’ve tried to stay with that, but there’s wiggle room. It doesn’t mean I won’t eat French fries. I’m done with wheatgrass juice, though. In fact, it may make me gag just thinking about it.”

Naomi, who shares Sasha, 12, and Samuel Kai, 10, with her former partner Liev Schreiber, went on to explain that she takes a balanced approach to food, though rarely craves sweet treats.

“The minute I put myself in any kind of constraint with eating, I’ll end up rebelling and not doing the right thing. So, I allow myself room for naughty and nice. I grew up in the ’70s, and my mom was a hippie in the day who baked her own bread and made vegetarian dishes. So that’s my comfort food. Superhealthy. It’s what I crave,” the 50-year-old shared.

When it comes to exercise, Naomi is a fan of yoga, Pilates, and lifting weights. She also works with a personal trainer, as she can’t get the motivation to go to the gym alone.

“I have a trainer, because I can’t exercise very well if I’m not being instructed. It’s as if I suddenly develop amnesia: I can’t remember any moves. And nobody is watching, so I’m not going to care if I do three instead of 20,” she laughed.