Miranda Lambert: ‘All my tattoos mean something’

Miranda Lambert will only ever get tattoos if they have a special meaning behind them.

The House That Built Me singer has seven tattoos, including an arrow on the side of her hand, a musical note, and the word “tumbleweed” on her arm, but she has insisted they all symbolise important times in her life.

“All of my tattoos mean something,” she told Health magazine. “I’m not just going to ink it for no reason. I don’t have, like, a Tweety bird or anything.”


Miranda’s favourite piece of body art is the guns and wings tattoo on her arm because it reminds her of the success of her 2005 debut album Kerosene.

“One of my favourites is the guns and wings on my arm because I got it when my first studio album, Kerosene, went gold,” the star continued. “I was just so proud of the work I’d put in. I also wanted a reminder of the work that I needed to continue to do. So, every time I hold my guitar, I can see that reminder of my first milestone. I’m proud of that.”

Miranda is now 36 years old and on her seventh album, and accordingly, also shared during the interview that she hopes she can look like her “beautiful” mother when she’s older.

“My mom is so beautiful. She’s a tall Cherokee Indian. If I can look like her at 60, I would be golden. All she ever used was witch hazel and Vaseline. And she’s always been a stickler for taking off your make-up,” she shared, before explaining that she has picked up some of her good habits. “To me, a good face wash feels like an emotional cleanse. And nowadays, sunscreen is a big part of my skin routine. It wasn’t when I was young, but now I’m in a hat all the time. I take really good care of my skin, especially being out on the road.”