Millie Bobby Brown credits buzzcut with giving her confidence to experiment with hairstyles

Millie Bobby Brown at the world premiere of Season 3 of the Netflix TV series 'Stranger Things' at Barnum Hall. Santa Monica, 28.06.2019 Where: Santa Monica, Kalifornien, United States When: 28 Jun 2019 Credit: Regina Wagner/Geisler-Fotopress/picture-alliance/Cover Images

Millie Bobby Brown gained the confidence to experiment with her hair after she shaved it all off for TV show Stranger Things.

The 16-year-old, who found international stardom playing Eleven in Netflix’s popular sci-fi series, shaved off all of her locks and sported a buzzcut for the first season of the programme back in 2016.

But in a new interview with, Millie admitted that the bold move kickstarted her desire to experiment.


“Being yourself is the best way to feel beautiful. This really hit home after I shaved my head – people looked at me differently,” she told the publication. “But I realised that my hair doesn’t define me. Shaving it off made me more confident to experiment with my look.”

In the following two seasons of the show, Millie can be seen sporting a short wavy crop. But in real life, she likes to mix up the styles, shades, and length of her hair, and recently tried out hair extensions.

“I like having the freedom to change things up,” the teenager insisted.

Elsewhere, Millie shared her beauty secrets and noted that one of her most important products is lip balm because her pout is “always chapped”, that she likes to use cuticle oil to keep her nails in good condition, and uses lavender essential oil to help her relax in the bath.

She continued to share that her mother taught her the importance of moisturising early on, and that her daily make-up routine takes no longer than 10 minutes and comprises of products from her Florence by Mills brand, such as the Built to Lash Mascara and Cheek Me Later Cream Blush.