Miley Cyrus selling She Is Coming condoms

Miley Cyrus is selling condoms as merchandise for her new She Is Coming EP.

The Wrecking Ball singer has given fans a sexy way to buy her new six-song release, which dropped on Friday (31May19), by offering the contraceptive for sale on her website.

The black condom wrappers are embellished with the words ‘She Is Coming’ in white alongside fake telephone number ‘1-833-SHE-IS-MC’, and with each $20 (£15) purchase of the item, devotees also receive a digital download of her new music.


She also offers up other wares to coincide with the She Is Coming EP, including hoodies, T-shirts and a poster.

Miley grabbed earlier headlines on Friday by sharing in a love triangle on Twitter with fellow pop star Katy Perry and rapper Cardi B, as they all released around the same time.

Katy, who released her new song Never Really Over on Thursday, shared the love by acknowledging loads of female artists who are all publishing new music within days of each other.

“Thanks for the love y’all and congrats to all the wonderful new music out by so many talented goddesses,” she tweeted while promoting her latest track, tagging Cyrus, Cardi, Camila Cabello, Rosalia, Tove Lo, Charli XCX and Bebe Rexha in the message.

Cardi B dropped her new single Press shortly after Katy’s message, tweeting: “I dead wanna cry :’) of happiness tho of course. I can’t thank ya enough for the love and support :’). Other artist drop songs tonight Miley and Katy. Show love to the pop girls ! (sic)”

Miley hopped in the conversation later by replying to their tweets individually, telling Cardi, “”Yassss mama! Slay the day queen!” before responding, “loveyyyyyy you!” to Perry.