Michelle Pfeiffer tried to capture her dad’s cologne with first fragrance

Michelle Pfeiffer tried to capture her father’s cologne when she was formulating her first fragrance.

The Dangerous Liaisons actress has just unveiled her Henry Rose line of perfumes, with the unisex scents carefully designed to be both Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Cradle to Cradle certified, in line with her desire to promote health, transparency and sustainability.

However, Michelle has now shared that each of her fragrances evoke a special time in her life, with the Torn eau de parfum blending vanilla with the earthiness of vetiver roots.


“As we were formulating the perfumes, the smells kept bringing me back to my childhood memories involving scent,” she said in an interview with U.S. Harper’s Bazaar. “Without realising it at the time, I was trying to capture my father’s cologne in the first fragrance, Torn. It’s also the one that’s geared toward my taste.”

Michelle went on to explain that she wanted to “raise the bar” with her perfumes, as so many formulas contain irritants. She spent years developing each product, and actually first began work on the idea when she first became a mother to daughter, Claudia Rose, 26, and son John Henry, 24.

“I founded Henry Rose because I wanted to create a line of fine fragrances that didn’t compromise quality for safety. My interest in ‘clean beauty’ started when I became a new mother. Prior to that I always assumed that if a product was on our shelves it must be regulated. It seems common sense, that ingredients should be proven safe before they go onto our skin,” the 61-year-old said.

Elsewhere in the chat, Michelle spoke about her personal style, describing her look as “old hippie meets classic design,” and added that she never tires of hoop earrings.

“I’ve worn them since I was 12 years old,” she commented of her go-to accessory.